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8 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

How often do you hear this? “I think I put on weight; I need to lose weight” – and this can lead to frantic discussions about ways to somehow lose those extra pounds.

Working out in the gym for long hours, teaching our taste buds to eat only healthy foods you could have tried all of these and more to get back in shape.

Now, how about adding something that’s natural, has no side effects, is extremely simple, and hardly takes 15-20 minutes of your day?

Meditation; simple yet powerful method. Want to know how anything related to the mind can have anything to do with shedding pounds and kilos?

Let’s see how meditation helps you lose weight naturally:

01. OOT, The Calorie Scales Are Getting Kinda

If you are on a weight management program, you may be keeping regular checks on your body’s basal metabolic rate (OOT).

By knowing your OOT, you can reduce your calorie intake, in turn reducing body weight. When you are meditate, your body’s OOT decreases.

This means that the additional calorie intake on your body reduces. Weight loss, then, is a natural result.

02. Your Stomach Is Happier With Less Food

Have you noticed that once you stop working out for a few days, you immediately tend to put on a lot of weight?

This is because you will continue to eat without burning as much. Exercising in the gym simply increases appetite, but does not necessarily increase absorption.

When you practice yoga and meditation, assimilation improves and the desire for calorie rich foods decreases.

Thus, you feel hungry, but are satisfied with smaller amounts of food. This has a longer term effect on body weight.

Even if you are unable to exercise for several days, you will not suddenly start gaining weight.

03. Rebalance

Excessive weight gain and weight loss are sometimes the results of hormonal imbalances in the body.

Meditation helps to restore that harmony in the system, so if you are overweight, you lose pounds and if you are underweight, you get to put on.

04. Who Wants Donuts? Not Me!

Your cravings for all kinds of food can be your biggest hurdle when it comes to weight loss.

How easy is it to stop yourself from buying a donut every time you pass a bakery store with fine flavors floating around? With regular meditation, this can be a little easier.

Meditation increases awareness so that you become more alert of your eating habits.

The next time you reach out to grab a bag of chips or candy, you immediately realize that this won’t help you lose weight and you can replace them with healthy alternatives.

Also, over a period of time with regular meditation practice, you will find that your cravings have dropped. That way you won’t be reaching for that bag of chips or cookies all that often.

Increase Commitment

Have you noticed how easy it is to fall prey to the threats of your weight loss program? Sleep, junk food, sweets – they all have the power to make you get out of your weight management plan very easily.

This is a commitment test where meditation can help. Daily meditation practice helps reinforce your intention to lose weight so that you are determined to exercise more, follow a moderated diet, and other healthy practices.

Meditation gives strength to the realization of intention.

Be A Stress Winner And Eat Right

The next time you gorge yourself on chocolate or anything junk, stick around for some time, why are you doing this?

Are you stressed for some reason (at work or at home)? Stress in the mind has a direct effect on the tendency to keep snacking at leisure.

It gives temporary relief from stress. Still, when you meditate, you release deeply stored tension in the system naturally. This is a much healthier way to beat stress and also to stay in top shape.

Add Hours To Your Clock

If time is stopping you from working on weight control, your all-time solution – “meditation” will help you find more time in the day! And to meditate, you only need 15-20 minutes a day.

It certainly can be easily squeezed out at any time of the day according to your convenience, right? After all, your body really deserves at least 20 minutes of your time.

And when your work efficiency increases with meditation, you can finish all the work in less time and also find more time to plan out your weight loss strategy.

“I’m My Favorite” Always Believe In

Sounds weird? Want to know why there is a need to lose weight when you have already accepted that you are fat?

This is because when you accept your physique, you become calm and settled within and stop worrying about things.

With this state of mind, it becomes much easier to work towards weight loss and your efforts are also more efficient.

Try it once. So what if you’re a little on the healthy side? Relax, love your body and see the difference in your life.